HomeFront Combination Alarm

A Step Above the Rest

Experts agree that when it comes to a home fire, a smoke alarm is your first line of defense. But there are different technologies and numerous problems with the existing alarms in most homes. The root of the problem is a deadly misconception that a smoke alarm will always work and that the smoke alarms that came with your home is all you need to get you and your loved ones out alive.

This is why HomeFront uses tomorrow’s technology for today’s home. We built the best smoke alarm available -- one that goes against the conventional thinking in an industry driven by low cost. When it comes to the lives of the families we protect, we are the Rolls Royce of smoke alarms.

HomeFront with interLINX Features and Benefits
  • interLINX Technology allows easy interconnection with localized radio frequency
  • Fixed and Rate of Rise temperature sensors
  • Largest optical smoke chamber on the market with 360 degree detection
  • Advanced infrared LED optically inspects chamber every 10 seconds
  • Event Positioning System pinpoints origin of fire
  • 100db Amplified Piezo Horn with voltage boots
Not All Smoke Alarms Are Created Equal
Tomorrow's Technology for Today's Home
HomeFront Dual-Sensing Smoke Alarm
Constructed With ABS and High Quality
Polycarbonate Plastic
  • • 94VO Flame Rated to UL Standards
Completely Unobstructed Smoke Chamber
  • • 360 Degree Smoke Entry
  • • Fully Light Baffled and Insect Screened
  • • Largest Smoke Chamber on the Market
Available in 3VDC Stand Alone and 120Volt AC w/3VDC Battery Backup
  • • Quick Disconnect Harness (AC Model)
  • • interLINX Interconnectivity
  • • AC & DC Alarms Connect via interLINX
Four Alkaline Batteries
  • • Most Common & Readily Available
  • • Long Life (3-4 years)
Chamber Separation for On-Site Maintenance
  • • Exposes Optical Chamber to Allow Removal of Dust
  • • Removable Smoke Baffles for Submersion in Water
4 Separate and Unique LED Icons
  • • Power Icon
  • • Low Battery Icon
  • • Warning Icon
  • • Fire Activation Icon
Amplified Alarm Horn
  • • 100db Semi-Conductor Driven Piezo Horn
  • • A Voltage Boot Ensures the Highest Sound Pressure and Uniform Horn Output
One Touch Silence Feature
  • • Hushes the Horn While in Alarm Mode
  • • Decreases Smoke Sensitivity for Ten Minutes
  • • If Alarming in a Real Fire Scenario, the Alarm Will Continue to Sound
One Touch Test Feature
  • • Instantly Checks Battery Power, Smoke Sensitivity, Room Temperature, Horn and interLINX Connection
Proprietary interLINX Enabled Device
  • • Automatically Links Each Alarm to a Unique and Localized Home Network
  • • Link up to 12 Smoke Alarms and 6 Other Devices