About Us

When the HomeFront Combination Smoke Alarm was first envisioned, we decided to build the very best smoke alarm ever designed. We researched every smoke alarm brand and technology on the market.

It is through this extensive research we were able to develop a new dual sensor photoelectric smoke alarm that provides two modes of electronic temperature sensing for fast response and an advanced intelligent smoke sensor with a completely unobstructed smoke chamber for full 360 degree directional smoke detection.

Our focus and dedication is in preventing tragedies by providing you, your family and your home with the very best early detection warning technology available today. A peace of mind that is invaluable.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to protecting you and your family against tragedies caused by fire in more than 362,500 homes each year. We achieve our mission and vision by providing products with the most advanced state-of-the-art technology available today. Our concentrated efforts and resources guarantee you and your family product integrity second to none.

All smoke alarms are not created equal. The HomeFront is the best smoke alarm ever designed for one reason... families need to be able to trust their fire detection products.